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Want to order a viral video?

December 9, 2020
Author: Admin

A viral video video that is voluntarily distributed by Internet users who want to share the emotions of a quality video with their friends. Usually staged viral videos are created professionally from start to finish. There are screenwriters who write scripts and make storyboards specifically for virality. These scripts are usually expensive.

The essence of a viral video is that you don’t need money to promote and promote it. Once having invested money in its production, the video is distributed by users at their request. On Facebook alone, a viral video can have over 300,000 shares and 10 times more views.

The length of a viral video shouldn’t be long. Maximum duration 2-3 minutes, ideal duration up to 1 minute. You don’t have to have a cinematic camera and expensive equipment in your arsenal to shoot a video with a viral effect. This video is based on an unpredictable plot, originality, comic, positive. To achieve this effect, you need to focus on scripting, storyboarding, and directing.

You can order a viral video in any direction from us. We will develop a unique comic script for you, and our director will bring this idea to life.