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December 12, 2020
Author: Admin

Product or product video.

Are you a large or small manufacturing company, or maybe you are a wholesaler of a certain product and need to advertise? Where to start advertising a product? How to tell about it? What is the optimal story time so that the video doesn’t get bored? We will tell you what to do and what to follow when creating a video about a product or service.

Product video or as it is called product video can be divided into 3 types:

1. A video listing the advantages of the product, characteristics, at the end shows the disadvantages and conclusions.
2. Animated entertainment video that uses a motivational entertainment component in its arsenal.
3. Staged video with actors, script and strong direction, with a three-stage script system. First, the problem of society, or the people they are facing, is identified, and then a solution to this problem is provided – a product. At the end, a call to action and contacts.

The product video can be divided into stages:

1. Seeding the first 5 seconds. Show the problem, each viewer should see their problems and unsolved problem, pain in them.
2. Tell a story. Show how difficult it is for people in this situation to deal with this problem.
3. Show the product solution. Tell us what exactly your product eliminates the problem and offers the easiest, simplest and most affordable solution to this problem.
4. Feedback from people will not be superfluous.
5. Add a promotion and limit the number of products and the time of purchase. The product must be difficult to obtain.
6. Call to action and contacts for communication. Contacts can be phone number, address, website.

Stages of ordering a video:

1. Filling in a brief with detailed items.
2. Development of the video concept together with the scriptwriter
3. Create a well-crafted storyboard with accents in the video.
4. Selection of actors, locations, musical accompaniment, announcer (or voice-over), colors to match the brand book
5. The very process of filming.
6. Color correction, editing, scoring.
7. Delivery of the project