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Video 3D mapping

December 16, 2020
Author: Admin

3D projections, mapping – volumetric projections that are directed by a ray onto an object and can create animation on the object’s surface.


In the Creation of 3D illusions, mapping firmly holds the first place in terms of the degree of effectiveness. The predecessor of mapping is the laser show. They differ in that a laser is used in a laser show, and a projector in 3D mapping. The laser does not have the ability to create a 3D volumetric image, so its efficiency and effectiveness are much lower.


3D Mapping is not always the main one – sometimes a laser show does the job.

3D mapping in Ukraine and abroad

IVIDEO studio will make for you a spectacular and beautiful 3D mapping, in which viewers participate in the show

Architectural 3D projection

Architectural, building mapping in-canvas are any real estate

Dome projections – the brightest large-scale spectacle, the dome is used from the inside as a dome. An example of such a spectacle is space observatories and 3D cinemas.

Inside the room, a picture is broadcast on the walls. It is not at all necessary to have a room 100% filled with furniture.

When creating a spectacular illusion, a car body is used. IVIDEO specialists will take into account the curves of the body – which will give the picture an unforgettable realism.