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Selling video

December 10, 2020
Author: Admin

In the age of digitalization, many video services and studios have appeared that can create good video. The availability of buying a good video camera and studio equipment has freed the hands of many small freelancers who, having created a simple website, decided to engage in video production. As it turned out, in practice, making a video is not so difficult. Few phones and smartphones turned out to shoot video in 4k quality with automated functions. Now you don’t have to know how to use shutter speed and white balance, you just need to press the start button, and the camera will start recording a video that can be shown to friends.

A huge number of services, freelancers, free videographers have flooded the Internet with free video, but does it have the function of selling? Is it able to motivate the buyer to buy and make a decision? Can a video sell and can it be called a fully selling video?

A selling video video created in such a way that, by clicking on emotional triggers, it calls out certain emotions, thereby encouraging a person to make a purchase in one way or another.

The main components of a selling video:

The purpose of the selling video

It is important to understand what the purpose of a selling video is to sell. Selling is the shortest path from what was seen to what was bought. A sales video sells, does not present or explain. After seeing the selling video, the client should have only one desire – to BUY!

Precise target audience

When creating a video, marketers and scriptwriters must calculate the exact hit in the target niche. In order for a selling video to work, it must correspond to its buyer (color scheme, style, voice acting, tone of voice, gender of the announcer, selection of actors). For example, if the target audience is a woman, then everything should be advised to a female audience – soft colors, perhaps pink colors, a woman announcer, etc.) Without determining the target audience, there will be no exact hit and sale!

Video duration

The most difficult question is how to interest the viewer in 3-4 seconds so that he does not switch to another content or channel? It is important to know that the capture of the client should be from the first seconds and the video should contain all the necessary information and not get bored.

A selling video should consist of parts:

Capturing attention

From the first 3 seconds, you need to capture all the viewer’s attention. Your task is to give a seed, something so that the viewer wants to watch the video until the very end. Give him just the beginning and let him know that in the process you will find out everything, and the most interesting thing is the bonus will be at the end of the video.

Artificial scarcity

Create an artificial shortage of goods. The limited purchase at any time will force the customer to make a decision earlier. Limit it in time. Tell them you have a limited number of products.

History. The problem is solvable. Show the value of the product and its uniqueness. The client must understand that you are solving his headache and problem. Show pain to others who do not have this product. Show the value of the product today. Tell and show what will happen if you do not acquire it today through the history and pain of others.
Decision. It should be unique, simple, accessible. Through the buyer’s purchase of your product, the buyer must solve their problem. The product must solve the problem of the buyer, he must remove his pain, problem. Show that by buying it now he immediately removes the problem of the day and is happy.
Guarantees, bonuses, promotions. It is important to thank the buyer for making a decision with a promotion and a guarantee. Give him a bonus.
Price and cost. If the price is decisive in the purchase of the product and is the lowest, it can be announced.
Call to action. Contacts and phone number

When a person has already made a decision to buy, give him simple contacts that he is able to easily remember. There should be no cumbersome phone numbers and long and complex names of streets and sites. Everything should be simple!