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Do you need turnkey video filming? How to order a video and find an artist.

December 7, 2020
Author: Admin

Useful tips to help you order the right video presentation production from professionals.


Let’s say your company or you need a video advertising presentation for social networks or YouTube. You have systematically typed in the search engine “Order turnkey video filming” and found a number of video production companies that advertise themselves. In order to find out the price, almost every company will ask you to fill out a brief and after that it will be able to indicate its prices and terms. Be sure to study customer reviews about the work of all companies, look at the portfolio, talk if there is such an opportunity with customers directly. Carefully study each company you choose, its history, team, work, achievements. It is very often possible in the video production office to award awards for achievements in the world of advertising and film. Do not choose a one-day company as a performer, even if its prices are the lowest compared to others. Choose only professional teams with extensive experience. Be sure to ask what equipment they will shoot your video. It is very important that the equipment is not amateur for home use, but cinematic. Conventional such equipment is used in film studios.


Filling out the brief


When filling out the questionnaire, be sure to indicate examples of videos that you like, style of performance, colors, company logo, if any. Indicate the deadlines for the completion of the project and be sure to sign the contract. Not all companies fulfill their obligations on time, and it is very difficult to collect a penalty from them without a contract. Ask for a copy of the brief and contract with the company stamp for yourself. Discuss all the details and wishes, ask to be sure to provide you with a storyboard for approval.

After signing the contract and filling out the brief, the company of your choice will take up the production of your video presentation.


When video production finishes video production, be sure to ask for help to receive the video from knowledgeable acquaintances. They will help you with practical advice and save you from gross mistakes in video adoption.


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